Executive Coaching

When it comes to coaching Bill has done it all. He has coached youth, University championship teams, national and international athletes at the world championship level and business executives from start-ups to multinationals.

His masters of Science degree in Psychology of Sport has proven to be extremely useful in giving him the academic basis to underpin his practical success. Bill simply understands people, their motivations and what it takes to help them plan and stay on target.

Coaching to Bill is second nature and he starts with establishing the focus for success in the current reality. Then through analyzing possibilities and creating an action plan he leads clients past barriers and towards their goals.

A ‘Glass Half Full’ outlook allows him to see the opportunities in any situation and gives him the energy to excite and motivate others to achieve more than they ever would alone. A good listener with insightful questions that simplify the message and direction Bill helps clients develop a plan in a surprisingly short period of time, and then mentors them on how to keep on track.

It is a busy and demanding world for today’s executive. Having a knowledgeable coach improves your success. It converts wasteful time to productive time and ultimately gives you time back to spend with family or leisure activities to enrich your life.

A few questions worth asking yourself:
  • What do you need most for yourself?
  • What outcome do you want?
  • What do you need to do to be happy?
  • What’s preventing you from succeeding?
  • Are you held accountable for your commitments?

Bill can help answer all of these questions and coach you to your career and life goals.

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