About Us

Bill Dowbiggin received his M.Sc. in Sport Psychology from the University of Alberta and immediately moved into coaching university teams. His success soon saw him coaching provincial and then national teams. During
his tenure as the Technical V.P. for Wrestling Canada the rst of many world championships was won by Canadian athletes. In 2000, when he was the president of the association Canada won its rst Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling. Bill continues his involvement with the sport as a member of a non-prot society that has hosted a World Cup, a World University Championship, an Olympic Qualication Event, and in September 2012 a World Championship in Olympic Style Women’s Wrestling.

As a business executive, Bill achieved success as an entrepreneur with nationally acclaimed, ofcial licensed commemoratives for many teams, events and leagues. In the 1990’s The Northern Alberta Institure of Technology (NAIT) recruited Bill to develop a series of Entrepreneurship courses and his consulting career was launched. Over the past twenty plus years Bill has worked with a full range of businesses from start ups to local small and medium size businesses to the biggest multinationals in the world.

Bill enjoys his Edmonton lifestyle and the ability to work with the wide range of organizations that the strong local economy offers. Personal Style, Sales Training, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and Developing a High Performance Corporation are his focus areas although he has signicant experience with Change Management, Conict Management and Executive Coaching.